MVT for APL Version 2.00


OS/360-MVT 21.8F

customized for use with

APL\360 Version 1 Modification Level 1


MVT for APL 2.00_Users_Manual.pdf

User’s Manual

MVT for APL base system, Windows and Linux platform support, small configuration with 36 KB workspace size


Update of base system to large configuration with 432 KB workspace size


Update introducing MacOS and OS X platform support


Update to reduce idle CPU load and to improve stability, particularly when running on hosts using tickless kernels


Update introducing ARM platform support (Raspberry Pi, Lego EV3 et al)

Current MVT for APL system: Small and large configuration with complete platform support (Windows, Mac, Linux) and the “Tickless Update”


New Systems

Please follow the installation instructions in the User’s Manual, using
Current MVT for APL system (small) or the Current MVT for APL system (large) instead of the MVT for APL base system.


Existing Systems

To convert to the large configuration or to install updates follow the instructions given in the README_... document found in the respective zip archive. Note that all updates are cumulative, they have to be applied in the order listed above.



*                                                                    *

* The MVT for APL Version 2.00 distribution (mvt4apl-2.00) features: *

*                                                                    *

* • An OS/360 MVT 21.8F system designed for use with APL\360.        *

* • An automated procedure to build APL\360 and the MVT supervisor   *

*   calls it relies on from source.                                  *

* • An automated MVT operator (APLPILOT).                            *

* • IBM 1052-7 and IBM 2741 terminal support through an adapted      *

*   version of the Hercules System/370, ESA/390, and z/Architecture  *

*   Emulator.                                                        *

* • An OPFNS workspace supporting APL\360 operations.                *

* • A comprehensive public workspace library.                        *

* • Scripts and related software combining all components.           *

* • The MVT for APL Version 2.00 User’s Manual.                      *

*                                                                    *


*                                                                    *

* Jürgen Winkelmann,                           *

*                                                                    *